DOA Policy

I pack corals to ensure that they will arrive alive with a Dead on Arrival (DOA) Guarantee.  In the event that to corals arrive and the flesh has receded please take a clear picture under full spectrum light and send an email to admin@ or message me in Facebook to Thomas Coral FragZ within two hours of delivery time.  At my discretion I will make a decision to replace your item but cannot refund shipping costs and the reshipment costs will be on the buyer.

If the package is delayed as a result of the carrier and the corals health is impacted, I will do my best to work something out which is usually split the cost of the replacement with the buyer covering shipment costs.

SPS corals can be finicky and water parameters are crucial for the survival along with a condition called Light shock where corals are incorrectly acclimated to your system which results in poor health or death.  In addition, I recommend placing frags in quarantine system and not dipping on receipt, this can cause further stress especially dips with a very acidic base.  For these reasons, I cannot guarantee all circumstances of the corals health past the two-hour period of receipt dated on the shippers tracking number.  I do not recommend receiving corals and leaving them in the packaging for several hours and they should be acclimated and quarantined within two hours of receipt.  If death occurs do to these issues and beyond on two hours I will work with you on a case by case situation to identify the issue and make a decision on if any replacement will be issues, however, I cannot guarantee any replacement past two hours of receipt.

No refunds.

Buyer covers re-shipping costs for replacements.