What is www.coralfragz.com? Why?

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What is www.coralfragz.com? Why?

Post by Thomas Coral FragZ » Wed May 01, 2019 10:58 am

www.coralfragz.com community FAQ

What is www.coralfragz.com?

www.coralfragz.com is a social group based on core code called phpBB. It is an open source platform that I modified the base code to create the site. It is similar to Reefcentral.com, Reef2Reef and MichiganReefers.com.

Why do we need coralfragz.com? We already have Facebook, Instagram and Reef2Reef.

We see mainly three key opportunities with a site like coralfragz.com:

1. Sites like Facebook do not allow the sale of live animals and are closing groups that repeat the offense.

2. Sites like Reef2Reef allow limited sales however are very geared toward a hefty sponsorship fee in addition to it being a super busy and complicated page to navigate. CoralFragZ.com is designed to be simple and fast along with fast mobile web support, Tapatalk support, simple navigation and social media integration.

3. Over the years some great articles and builds have been published on sites like Michiganreefers.com, however the site was sold to an advertisement company whom litter it with advertisements and have not updated it for years. The only value on the site is the For Sale forum which is not being monitored and is a big security risk of compromising personal identifying information. We believe that we can continue that community and also replicate the same for sales opportunities for our community members in a secure safe site that is clean and simple to navigate. Also the big value is the ability to share posts with a button click back to your Facebook experience.

Whom are you and why did you set up this site and what are the costs?

I have been in the aquarium hobbies since I was 9 years old. My first job was at a local pet shop where I developed this passion of the hobby. I took a career in information technology closing in on a 20+ year career. I am the father of two teenagers. I am planning to extend my reef system to 1100 gallons with the addition of a 560 Gallon Aquarium. I collect all corals and specialize in SPS corals but still have and love soft corals also. The site is free to members!

"I set up the site because I love the hobby and having a positive peer community really enhances the experience for all of us. I hope that the site solves the issues mentioned above and that you like it. Please do not hesitate to drop a line or let me know if you need help or are having any issues. Best wishes and Reef On Thomas!"

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Look forward to you joining the group. Thanks!
Thanks, Reef on!

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