CZ Nemisis


Frag Size:  .75 to 1 inch

Description: Purchase a coral fragment of the exact coral pictured here in my collection please allow 2 weeks to heal.

System Parameters:  CA=420-440, DKh=8-9,MG=1400+,Po4 < .1,No3 < 1,pH 7.8-8.1, and temp 77

Photo:  Taken with brown filter to filter the intense blue.

Lighting:  High intensity Royal Blue LEDS peaking in 450nm and Coral Plus + and Actinic T5 tubes spectrum supplement.

My Practices:  Grown in 1200 Gallon system, Used Reefcrystals Salt at 1.026, Quarantined all incoming fragz in two zones to guarantee pest free, all systems have extremely high random flow, big 3 (alkalinity, calcium and magnesium) delivered by calcium reactor and nutrition by freeze dried foods.

Shipping:  Next day using Fed-Ex typically or UPS in areas where better routes.  If the package is delayed or lost I cannot be held accountable, however, will do my best to work out a replacement but reshipping costs will be covered by the buyer.

DOA:  Pictures within 2 hours of receipt, I guarantee the coral for 24 hours,  if it RTN’s I will replace. Reshipping costs will be covered by the buyer.



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